Jim Conlon evokes profound wisdom in his new book, a tree of wisdom reflecting the rich fruits of his lifelong learning and loving the earth.

— Ilia Delio, OSF, Georgetown University


With a creative use of story, poetry, and the wisdom of the new cosmology, he pushes the encounter between science, spirituality, and eco-justice to new levels of understanding and engagement. A refreshing and challenging read.

— Diarmuid O’Murchu MSC


Jim Conlon lays out a transformative vision and process of prophetic action. At the heart of this process is a new global way of thought that integrates the Christian faith of crucifixion, resurrection, and redemption with evolutionary science and cosmology. Communities inspired by this vision are called to arise and become empowered to work to renew selves, society, and the world toward redemptive health, harmony, and peace.

— Rosemary Radford Ruether Claremont Theological School and Graduate University


Visionary and educator Jim Conlon shows here the goal of personal fulfillment can be approached in combination with nurturing of faith, promotion of social justice, and working toward ecological integrity. Richly informed by recent accounts of the new cosmic story, Conlon offers a provocative synthesis of science and faith, and he does so with poetic grace.

— John F. Haught Prof. Emeritus, Department of Theology Georgetown University


For three decades, Jim Conlon has been exploring this reinterpretation especially of Catholicism. Jim is a wonderful guide and his work is highly recommended.

—Brian Thomas Swimme, co-author with Thomas Berry of The Universe Story